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Minimum Amount should be 1000 or in multiple of 500.

Minimum Amount should be scheme's Amount or in multiple of 500.



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Zero Minimum

We provide account opening with zero balance and once you open an account. Read More

The minimum investment is limited to amount acceptable to individual Mutual Funds. Open account with zero balance with You can set up a SIP with as low as ₹ 500 per month gradually increase your monthly investments. Read Less

Grow Wealth

Invest lumpsum, set up SIP or switch between funds online with click of a button. Read More

Invest in our recommended funds and see it grow. Read Less

Save Tax

Invest in Tax saving funds and get full tax benefits up to 1.5lakhs under section 80C.

Safe & Secure

We do not take any funds in our account and we do not use any third party intermediary Read More

for payments, your payment goes directly to NSE (National Stock Exchange).Through you can buy any mutual fund supported by NSE platform thereby giving security and safety of your funds. Once Mutual Fund units are allotted the allotted units can be seen on in individual investment report. Read Less

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Across distributors consolidation. Invested with many distributors? No problem!, track all your investments on our platform. Get complete view at one place with full analytics. You can add, view and redeem your portfolio with all the distributors on our platform.

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Now all features available in simple to use Android app. Keep track of your investments anytime, anywhere.

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Calculate expected returns on your SIP and plan your investments
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Tasked with day to day commitment of work, I cannot look up the personal investments frequently, sends me reports every month and updates me on my investment portfolio for taking right decision.

Hemant Dahale MD, Hectronic India
Customer Testimonails

I have invested through, their unbiased and professional advice has helped me start SIP and plan my retirement with modest sum per month. Thank You

ShriNivas Murthy Consultant
Customer Testimonails

I was not aware that SIP is such a powerful tool to invest. team is excellent in offering advice and doing financial goal setting. A very refreshing approach

Shivraj Desai Access Warehousing
Customer Testimonails

My experience with was excellent. The professional approach and strong research shown for recommendation of funds was exemplary. I was convinced about SIP investments already but after meeting, I have confirmation that I am in good hands.

Dr. Suhas Kalambe

Business Partners