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Are you saving enough for your dreams?      Have you got saving plan for your retirement, or house purchase or children education?       Do you know the cost of living 20 years from now?

Welcome to SIPfund.com a platform for investment in mutual funds – Systematic Investment Plan and Lump sum.

SIP stands for systematic investment plan, it helps you avoid the risk of timing the markets, and you can invest a fixed amount in mutual funds on a monthly basis over a long period of time, thereby averaging out your cost of investing and benefiting from the power of compounding. We at SIPfund.com help you invest in SIP by selecting mutual funds to suit your financial goals. It is one of the most effective and disciplined way of long term investment. Investors can register for SIP in liquid, debt and equity mutual funds based on age, personal financial goals and purpose of investment. It is recommended to start SIP investment in equity mutual funds if your time horizon is more than 3 years.

Why choose Us

SIPfund.com offers best mutual funds for starting SIP. SIPfund.com portal offers online transaction and portfolio viewing facility which is secure and safe. You can purchase, redeem and exit any mutual fund investment scheme with click of a button. SIPfund.com shall review your portfolio every 6 months and advice on changes and enhancements. SIPfund.com is the only company in the advisory business which focusses on long term investments and financial goals for investors.

What we Do

We select best funds for you to invest as SIP or lump sum. We encourage long term, disciplined approach for wealth accumulation. SIPfund.com offers choice & ease of transaction and various payment options with reduced paperwork. Once you are set up with us you get choice of more than 40 mutual fund companies and hundreds of schemes.

How it Works

You as individual investor register with SiPfund.com, after which a number is sent to you which is your unique identification number. Your account will get created online as soon as you fill the online application form. Once your account is activated, your designated bank account shall be linked to the NSE and you are to ready to invest in SIP online. Select the funds from our recommendations and set up the SIP.

Secure your future through SIP

SIPfund.com, an online portal of SIP Fund Pvt. Ltd., encourages long term saving through investment in mutual funds, provides aggregation and designs client specific portfolio.

Our Company

SIPfund.com is India’s first online investment platform which focusses on long term saving and investment through SIP. We believe SIP- Systematic Investment Plan coupled with some lump sum investment is the best approach to financial goal planning. For wealth building, a systematic disciplined approach along with persistence and patience is essential. We firmly believe that you cannot accumulate large sum of wealth overnight through investment, investment should be done keeping in mind one’s risk appetite and age over a long period of time. SIP is one such instrument which does not require lump sum investment, the sooner you start the bigger your investment will become.

At SIPfund.com we serve all the Residents of India, NRI and corporates working in India. We operate on a safe and secure platform owned by NSE –MF (National Stock Exchange- Mutual Fund). We provide “Free NSE MF Account”.

SIPfund.com is a portal of SIP Fund Pvt. Ltd. which is registered with Statutory and Regulatory bodies like the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) etc.

Our focus is individual client needs and goals where in the revenue we earn never influences the fund or investment selection. At the same time our investor is open to take his own investment decision with a secured platform.